Cities Skylines

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How hard do you think it is to run a city? You have to plan out the entire infrastructure, make sure all the buildings function properly and the needs of the population are well met. That’s what makes a good mayor, but there is still a long road for you to overcome until you can count as one. Are you ready to begin?

The development of urban infrastructure is directly related to the size of the city. Upon reaching a certain number residents, new types of structures and policies become available. For instance, when you hit a population of 500 people, residents have a need for education, healthcare and recycling. You’ll have to build primary or district schools in which local kids can receive the education required to work in commercial and industrial enterprises. Hospitals treat people from nearby areas, so the incidence rate is significantly reduced. The waste recycling center effectively removes a wide range of garbage from the city and contributes to a much greater cleaning of the settlement from dirt, compared with the city landfill. Another important thing is police and emergency services. Fire stations are best built in fire hazardous industrial areas. For their part, stations monitor the criminal situation in the surrounding areas. Make sure you add these services as soon as possible to keep any issues under control.

The addition of all these structures will cost the budget a pretty penny, however, the flip side of the coin is a serious increase in the value of land. Thanks to this, more expensive housing appears to accommodates a larger number residents. This, in turn, leads to the emergence of more highly developed commercial and industrial areas. Ultimately, the city budget receives a significant premium on tax revenues, so in the long run it turns out to be a worthy investment.

Note that the game has areas of three types: residential, commercial and industrial. They must be built in accordance with the needs of the city in a particular zone. For example, it’s wise to create a commercial area with natural and local products. In this sector, natural food stores and electric car stations will be built. As a result, the load on local enterprises will increase, which will have a beneficial effect on raising taxes, truck traffic will be halved, waste production reduced by 20%. There are many more nuances and tricks for you to learn about Cities Skylines. Why don’t you start right now?

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