Cities Skylines Update

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If you are a fan of construction simulators and urban strategies, you definitely heard about Cities Skylines and maybe even played it. Then you will be thrilled to check out the latest update to this wonderful game! The initial set of tools hasn’t changed: we’ll be doing the very same thing as before in numerous games of the kind. Laying roads trying to avoid future traffic problems, providing the citizens with social services, power, water and other joys of civilization, dividing the land into residential, commercial and industrial areas. But there are some solid changes that make the gameplay even more fascinating and enjoyable.

The building territory now has no rigid rectangular boundaries – instead, you’ll see a small grid allowing you to perform all necessary manipulations even with gaps of an irregular shape. If the cells conveniently add up to a large square, you’ll be able to build a huge supermarket with a parking lot. A smaller one will allow you to open a drugstore or workshop. And even one single cell is enough to put in a cozy gas station. That also applies to the roads that can take any shape and curve.

The city isn’t static, its part change rapidly. You can keep this process under control by manually dividing the land into districts – just highlight a few blocks and give them a name. Things inside the districts can be regulated by issuing various laws. Park support, smoking ban, power economy, installment of smoke detectors – there are plenty of them. Industrial areas can further be specified into logging, mining, agriculture and so on. The same can be done to commercial districts, but they won’t be as functionally different in the long run.

The fact that the city is in constant motion makes it highly interesting to run it. A good residential area with parks and universities will become elite and if the density of the buildings is sufficient, there are good chances you’re going to see some high rise apartments here in the nearest future. Unfortunately, all that can easily go down if there are any issues. Commercial empires will crash in the face of customer shortage and nothing will grow on their place until the clientele increases. Plants and enterprises will go bankrupt if there are no specialists to hire. You need to keep a good eye on your city and react to any problems fast if you want to avoid it. If you are ready to face all these challenges, Cities Skylines are waiting for you!

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