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Any city is a complicated organism where everything is interconnected. Its life consists of hundreds of processes that require subtle management and if one thing goes wrong, it inevitably affects the rest. It’s up to you as a mayor to make sure everything works neatly and smoothly and nothing disturbs the calm flow of the citizens’ daily life. The life that is so craftily implemented in Cities Skylines!

You won’t see any idle residents in the street. Here is Joe Six Cans driving to open his bar. Next to him is a truck carrying wood to the port. And this hearse is hurrying to pick up another dead body. The game creatively comes up with genie dwellers, puts them into houses and provides them with a job. And these guys follow their virtual life path littering a local analogue of Twitter with news and thoughts. After all, what is the best way to let the mayor know that the lanterns in the central park are out again? If you want to run your city wisely and effectively, you need to know what is on your citizens’ minds and attend to their requests and complaints. Otherwise they might consider you’re not as fit for your post as they thought before and stage a protest!

Another way to cope with any issues as quickly as possible and prevent them from growing into a real disaster is to constantly monitor the state of its basic services. To do this, click on the icon of the required unit at the bottom of the screen. A detailed diagram will be superimposed on the city, plus detailed diagrams of the needs of a particular service will appear. For example, the fire service menu shows that there are not enough fire stations in the city and the areas with the greatest risk of fires are clearly visible. If you don’t want to witness a catastrophe, it is better to build a new depot on this site.

Of course, that’s just the beginning of your daily tasks. You need to manage the budget, add new zones and buildings, guarantee glitches traffic and power supply. Do you think you can cope with all that? Then don’t wait any further, launch the last version of Cities Skylines and plunge into this gripping urban simulation!

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