Cities Skylines 2020

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What makes Cities Skylines 2020 the greatest simulator of the kind? It makes the city work according to understandable and logical laws. In the first place, it concerns traffic: if, say, your only industrial zone (the most reliable source of workplaces) is connected to a residential area by a single two-lane road, columns of cargo trucks and tractors will make sure the traffic stands still. But it’s enough to add a few more roads with junctions and block heavy transport from entering residential blocks – and the situation will look up. The developers have provided you with a solid arsenal for removing road issues. The asphalt can be raised, rotate at the most unimaginable angles, connect into junctions and crossroads. Creating working junctions is a tough task, but it’s enjoyable enough on its own. After all, you do want your city to function seamlessly and creating a good road system is the key to that.

The next thing you should take care of is power. Electricity is divided into dirty and clean. But don’t think that installing windmills will instantly solve all the issues – they make too much noise irritating the locations. On the other hand, a nuclear power station will eat away at the budget. After trying a few options, you’ll come to the conclusion that the best solution is to stick with water turbines. Building a dam is quite an expensive pleasure, but you can configure it any way you like. Just make sure it doesn’t cause any trouble – for instance, if the flow is blocked, there might be a flood in nearby villages.

Being capable of coming up with long-term strategies and foreseeing the consequences of your current choices is highly important to succeed in Cities Skylines. Of course, you won’t be able to predict all the issues, but with experience you’ll get more and more understanding of how this complex system works. For instance, right now you’re joyfully building schools and colleges and the citizens receive top-class education. But you shouldn’t focus on intellectual job at the expense of industrial ones. Of course, graduates of prestigious universities can run heavy machinery as well, but they won’t settle for it unless they are out of more pleasant offers. There is a lot to learn and discover in Cities Skylines 2020. It’s time to take up the mayor’s post and start your career!

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