Cities Skylines 2019

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Imagine that you are tasked with building a new city from scratch. Where will you start? Cities Skylines will give you a quick guide on how to do it! You will begin on a relative small square where you’ll build the first district of the future metropolis. Right now it’s just an empty piece of land with a route that will connect it to the outside world and become the starting point to integrate the transport infrastructure. It’s advisable to choose a part of the map that has a river flowing nearby, making it possible to arrange all the services necessary to maintain the vital activity of the city as compactly as you can.

For the normal functioning of all services and houses, a power station is needed. You can start with a coal station. Its biggest drawback is environmental pollution. However, the damage can be reduced if you build it in an industrial area, which is not very environmentally friendly at the initial stages of the city development. Wind turbines may be an alternative, but they are five times weaker and are very expensive. Therefore, at the beginning it is best to build a cheap, albeit not very clean source of energy.

Next, it is necessary to establish water supply for the settlement and create a sewage system. For this, you need to build an aquifer and a branch pipe on the river. It is very important to place the first one upstream from the second, otherwise sewage will get into the city’s water supply and cause serious diseases among the residents. After this, a network of water pipes is created that connect to both stations, which in turn must be powered by electricity. The first part of the job is done. Play Cities Skylines 2019 to learn more!

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