Cities Skylines 2

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Great power comes with great responsibility. And Cities Skylines 2 prove that sending you on a challenging and fascinating mayor quest! Turning a tiny settlement into a flourishing city, building all the needed structures and services, handling budget issues require a good deal of nerves and steel jaws. At the beginning, your funds will be rather scarce, and maintaining all the necessarily communications even in a small district comes at a price. The city doesn’t grow overnight: even though we observe the process in an accelerated mode, we still need to lay the fundament and put up scaffolding first – it’s only then that the house can rise and accommodate its first residents. It takes a lot of time, money and effort.

If you make it work right, though, you’ll be able to cover the losses. The area will gradually be filled with shops and enterprises that will start bringing in revenue. If you don’t make a lot of mistakes, your commercial zones will grow over time ensuring new inflows into the city budget. Note that the financial system is very sensitive to population fluctuations, so you’d better keep your citizens happy and healthy. Negligent air and water pollution, poor healthcare services and other glitches in management will quickly lead to the shortage of workers and green numbers in the revenue column will be replaced by red ones signaling bankruptcy.

As you can see, Cities Skylines 2 is no fiction. It sets a series of quite realistic, non-trivial tasks for you to handle and you need to approach them wisely. There will be good times and bad times, but if you keep reasonable and think a few steps ahead, you will surely manage to build a great city with green parks, cozy houses, well-established industry and lucrative jobs!

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