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We all love to accuse local authorities of bad city management, incompetence, bribery and other sins. And while all of this undoubtedly takes place in modern society, it’s not so easy to run a city as it may seem. Sometimes even the slightest oversight is enough to wash all of your efforts down the drain and lead to serious troubles despite your best intentions. You can make sure of that playing Cities Skylines! This is one of the most realistic and complicated city simulators as of today that will introduce you to the joys of designing your own virtual megapolis, as well as to the challenges of governing it. Are you ready to start?

Build a city from scratch!

There are two modes in Cities Skylines. The first one is sandbox which basically gives you a green light to build and run your city any way you want. If you are up for some trials, though, you can choose a scenario mode that will task you with certain mission. Completing them will bring you money and give you access to new structures and services. You can choose from several maps with different terrain that opens up new possibilities and poses new challenges depending on how exactly you plan to lay out your future settlement.

Just like in many other simulators of the sort, it all starts with a road. Near it, you can build your first facilities and houses that will attract residents. At the beginning, there won’t be many of them and their needs won’t be very complex. The main thing that interests your citizens right now is survival, so make sure they have basic comforts – electricity, clean water and food. There are several ways to produce power, including windmills, water turbines and nuclear stations. They all come with their advantages and drawbacks, so you have to balance all the pros and cons and choose the best possible option. Actually, this is much what you are about to do with all the rest, so prepare to scramble your brain and be resourceful!

Expand infrastructure, solve problems, reach prosperity!

Your city needs money to expand. That means you have to establish some industry to get your first profits. Depending on the landscape, it can be mining, logging, fishing – skip through the menu to see what kinds of structures are available at the moment. As the settlement grows and there are more and more dwellers coming to live here, their desires will also evolve. To ensure everyone’s safety, you need to add fire and police stations as well as healthcare facilities. There should be shops where locals will be able to buy everything they need, gas stations to fill their cars and educational establishment to teach the young generation. For all that to work seamlessly, you have to take care of a smoothly functioning road system. Make sure there are enough junctions to avoid traffic jams.

Finally, people need to relax after a hard working day and spend their free time somewhere. They won’t be happy and the residential areas won’t evolve if you don’t add some park zones, playgrounds and entertainments. Bars, restaurants, night clubs and other buildings of the kind will significantly increase the attractiveness of the district. But note that certain structures may have an undesired effect on the surrounding territory. They may produce a lot of noise or add to the crime level, so you have to take care of those issues as well. Take measures to make residential zones ecologically friendly – nobody wants to live in a polluted environment. Balancing all these things out sounds like a lot of work and mistakes are inevitable. Keep playing, hone your management skills – and you will definitely make a great mayor in Cities Skylines!

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